Calculate your car rental expenses

Before reserving a car on and a getting the best and the cheapest deal, we want you to be fully informed about what expenditures you’re going to have.

First thing you see is car’s rental price without any extras you might need.


In the top right corner you see the price per day and under that you see the total price for the whole time of booking.

What does your price usually include?

  • Tax
  • Airport fee
  • Road tax fee
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Breakdown assist
  • Basic insurance package (third party liability protection, collision damage waiver, and theft waiver)

You DON’T have to pay for that additionally!

But, in any case, you have to read rental conditions attentively, because some offers may not include road tax, for example. When you rent in Dublin, companies include unlimited mileage only, and airport fee is almost always included.

The cost of the car itself depends on: car type, brand, size of the vehicle, its features etc. But, on there are plenty of offers with special discounts!

Additional car hire expenses

When you get your car hire from Dublin Airport or any other location in the city, you can request for some complementary options:

  • Traveling with and additional driver (althogh, sometimes you can catch a discount and get a FREE additional driver!)
  • Extra insurance coverage (zero franchise)
  • Special equipment (baby car seats, GPS)
  • Fuel charges (full-to-full condition or pre-purchasing fuel)
  • Driving if you’re under-aged

Dooley, Avis, and Sixt allow hiring a car and driving if you’re under 25 by paying a young driver’s surcharge. Don’t forget to add it to your total expenses if you’re less than 25 years old and got a car from the mentioned providers. Each company has its own age requirements for drivers, so read this part of Rental Conditions attentively.


And here you are, you’ve chosen your car and it’s time for you to fill out the form for drivers. There you have to fill in the data on your credit card, by which you will pay for the rent. Only credit cards are acceptable for payment! When you want to complement your booking and add extras, consider their prices (they are listed on “Rental Conditions” section under each offer). There is also a possibility for you to pay maximum charge per rental. For instance, you get a car hire in Dublin city centre or anywhere else for a long period of time, you can pay a maximum charge for baby car seats or GPS and use it even longer and save a considerable amount of money!

The majority of providers accept these cards: MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, and American Express. And, when you book you need to know that a deposit amount (starting from €50) will be held against your card or cards. You need two credit cards if you rent a luxurious car, for instance. Cards must be on the main driver’s name.

When you book a vehicle, make sure that you’ve got enough limits on your bank account to cover all the claimed car hire expenses and the excess. In most cases insurance units have the excess of €1200 or higher, but sometimes the excess might be even ZERO (like a bonus)!

Also, don’t miss one more important detail about the cancellation policy: $57 as an administration fee for booking cancellation within 24 hours before picking up time will apply. But, if you cancel your reservation until 24 hours before the time your get your vehicle, it’s free!

You don’t have to pay for it! It’s FREE!

  • FREE shuttle bus to pick your car (if it’s not an airport terminal pick-up)
  • Some offers have FREE GPS navigators or FREE Wi-Fi connection
  • Hurry up to catch a bonus – FREE additional driver
  • FREE cancellation
  • FREE changing of your booking
  • NO card fees

Car rental and travel expenses – What else?

When you travel across Dublin and Ireland generally, you have to remember about toll roads and parking charges.

Prepare some money for toll road if you intend to drive along them, charges vary from €1.90 to €3.40. If you drive along the Dublin Tunnel you have to pay from €3.00 to €10.00.

How can you pay a toll roads charge? There are few ways:

  • By cash:
    • Manual lanes with a toll booth attendant;
    • Automatic coin machine;
  • By means of an electronic toll tag Interoperable tags

Map of toll roads in Dublin:

expenditures map


In any case you’ll see road sign, which marks the beginning of the toll road.

Parking charges also vary from 0.60c to €2.90 per hour. In some cases parking is free and in some areas it’s banned. Read more here: Parking in Dublin, Ireland.

If you intend to cross the border and drop the car off in Northern Ireland, additional charges may apply.

Still interested in surcharges? Go here: Car hire surcharges in Dublin

So, what you really need to do – step by step:

  • Choose a certain location in Dublin and dates in the search box;
  • Filter out needed cars and get a list of offers which suit your requirements;
  • Look up for all additional fees and charges of deals which you liked;
  • Compare car hire prices in Dublin and rental conditions;
  • Make your final choice of the vehicle;
  • Sum up all the expenses and reserve your car;
  • Print out the voucher to confirm your reservation and, also, you need to present it on arrival to the car hire agent.

What else do you need to present:

  • Passport;
  • Driver’s license;
  • Credit card.

We wish you foreseen cost and unforeseen pleasant experiences!