Dublin Airport Car Hire Surcharges

And not just at the airport…

When you make a reservation, feel free to request for special equipment, additional insurance coverage; you can also travel with an additional driver. If you want to get a car rental in Dublin, but you’re under 25, by paying a young driver’s surcharge you will no longer have any problems to do that. Dublin Hire offers you a variety of options to make your trip as easy and convenient as possible.

dollar_coin_payment-512 Young driver’s surcharge

Company Age of young drivers Surcharge
Avis … – 25 years* €10.48 + tax per day
Sixt 21 – 25 years €30 per day
Dooley 21 – 24 years €40 per day

*No minimal age unless your driver’s license is valid for 8 years.

dollar_coin_payment-512 Car hire in Dublin – Additional driver

When you travel with friends or family members with driving licenses, let them drive for a surcharge:

Provider Charge
Avis €9.5 per day
Alamo €7 per day
Budget €10.78 per day
Carhire €9.08 per day
Dooley €10 per day
Enterprise €7 per day
Europcar €9.08 per day
Keddy €8 per day
Sixt €9.5 per day

dollar_coin_payment-512 Charge per special equipment item and additional insurance

Special equipment items are not included into the price of your car rental in Dublin, Ireland.


Providers Baby car seats GPS (charge/ day)
Booster Toddler Infant
Avis €25 €40 €15
Alamo €10 per day €13
Budget €45.4 €17.05
Carhire €6.81 per day €10
Dooley €40 €10
Enterprise €10 per day
Europcar €6.81 per day €10
Keddy €6 per day €8.81
Sixt €8 per day €10 per day €11

Extra insurance (charges per day)

Providers Complete cover Personal insurance Damage excess reduction Glass / tyre waiver
Avis €20
Budget €16.75* €8
Carhire €29.51
Dooley €6.5 €19** €5
Europcar €32.35* €6.81
Keddy €21.5
Sixt €31 €7 €16 €7

*Excess €0
**Excess €100

dollar_coin_payment-512 Excess

This amount of money will be reserved on your card and will be released after your rental.

Providers CDW TW TP
Avis €2,043 €1,800 Max coverage €0
Alamo €1,800
Budget €1,350 Max coverage €0
Carhire €1,200
Dooley €1,900


Max coverage Unlimited

Enterprise €1,750
Europcar €1,600
Sixt €2,000 Max coverage €5,000,000

(CDW – Collision damage waiver; TW – Theft waiver; TP – Third party liability protection)

dollar_coin_payment-512 Deposit amount

Carhire and Keddy by Europcar hold €50 as a deposit amount against your card or cards for the period of booking. Alamo holds €350. Other suppliers don’t require holding a deposit amount.

dollar_coin_payment-512 Picking up out of time

Out-of-hours car hire surcharge at Dublin Airport or any other pick up location in the city varies depending on provider’s policy. For instance, Sixt charges you €60 if you pick up or drop off a vehicle out of hours. Budget has a 29-minute grace period for returns and:

  • after 30 minutes late – hourly car rate charges and taxes may apply;
  • after 90 minutes late – full-day late charges and taxes may apply;
  • after 7 hours late, if you did not call an agent to extend your rental, an additional late fee of $10 per day applies.

To clarify all the incurring surcharges and to make proper travel calculations simply call the number mention in the confirmation voucher.

dollar_coin_payment-512 Crossing the border

You can drive from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland (the UK) and charges from companies may apply. For example, Sixt requires receiving it written permission for a charge of €29.

dollar_coin_payment-512 Fuel

Fuel charges are not included into the price of your deal, so remember that you will have to re-fill the tank when you drop off the car (see which fuel conditions your deal has). Or you can pay at the rental counter and don’t worry about refueling. Also, you may be required to reserve a fuel deposit on your credit card that will be released when you return the car full.

dollar_coin_payment-512 Fines and tolls

If you fail to present a printed version of the voucher, you may be charged at local rates. Also, remember about Irish toll roads (http://www.etoll.ie/) and administrative fines. We hope you won’t have to worry about fines, as you don’t plan to break the rules. =)

dollar_coin_payment-512 Cancellation of your booking and no-shows

If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, you’ll receive a refund minus $57 for fully prepaid bookings or if your online payment is less than $57, no refund will be made for your car hire booking. Read “Cancellation and no-shows” policy attentively!

Do your calculations correctly, carefully and well in advance! That way your car journey will be more enjoyable and devoid of unpleasant surprises and additional payments!