Mythbusters – Car Myths

Mythbusters Car Hire Myths

Mythbusters – Irish Car Rental Myths Exposing

To rent a car in Dublin seems to be a big trouble?

Unfortunately, many of us today are full of prejudices which interfere with our normal life. We are afraid of being cheated.

Nevertheless, we all want to enjoy the freedom of movement, independence, travel comfortably and not depend on public transportation schedules.

It all sounds very tempting, but there are things that we still do not know. That’s why decided to steal your precious time and attention to explain you that informed means armed.

Let’s reveal the most common misconceptions about hiring vehicles in Dublin, Ireland.

Myth #1


…”Booking directly from a provider is cheaper than via car rental agent”.

There is a certain misconception about renting cars from different agents: they allegedly inflate the price to earn as well.

As a matter of fact, by renting a car in advance through an agent, you can pick up yourself a car much cheaper.

Agents have long-term rental contracts, and they are able to offer a better price due to sales volumes and to reduce the price due to the expense of its advertising commissions.

Also, a lot of cars from different providers will be presented to you, and you will be able to compare prices and car hire conditions.

Separate providers tend to propose you a variety of offers when you arrive at the rental desk. So, booking in advance is better and cheaper than hiring a car at the rental counter on arrival.

4Myth busted!


Myth #2

1…”Customers pay more than it was claimed at the time of booking”.

The Web is full of negative reviews about how drivers were surprised by low rental cost, and then they were demanded to pay additionally, or a certain amount was frozen on the credit card.

To avoid such unpleasant cases, our beloved clients are strongly recommended reading rental conditions of each car hire deal with undivided attention!

There you will find out about all the additional charges and fees, and pay your special attention to the excess fee.

When you book a car, you’ll see how much you will pay for the vehicle itself. But, there are so many extra options that make your traveling more comfortable and safer.

For example, you may be charged for cross-border traveling, fuel may not be included into the price, and you will have to pay for it additionally or to refill the tank.

If you’re aware of all the expenses you’ll have, there will be no disappointments at the counter. You won’t pay more than you were informed to.

4Myth busted!


Myth #3

1…”Additional charges are taken from drivers every time they drop the car off”.

Advice: always take your time looking at the vehicle before picking. Check the car condition first. In such cases you will indicate possible damage, and protect yourself from paying for the uncaused damage during your travel.

Here is one more tip for you: always take pictures of the car exterior and, if there is some difference between actual and marked damage in documents, inform the manager immediately.

Usually scratches of more than 0.5 cm (0.2 inches) are taken into account. You are already informed about other possible extra payments, so you won’t be surprised.

4Myth busted!


Myth #4

1…”Rental car insurance myth is about that you have to purchase insurance coverage obligatory”.

Again we return to reading “Rental Conditions” attentively. All deals already include basic insurance package into the price: third party liability protection, collision damage waiver and theft waiver.

Additionally, on you can purchase insurance in case of personal accident, widescreen and tyre waiver, damage excess reduction and complete cover package.

Another important detail is about paying by credit card.

As you pay for your deal that way, suppliers already have no worries about your insurance and credit history, and are more than free to provide you with a car with no additional insurance. And for the basic one you have already paid!

4Myth busted!


Myth #5

1…”Luxury car hire in Dublin is rather a privilege”.

Luxury is permissible to chosen ones – very common delusion. With us, every client is VIP!

On DublinHire you can choose among a variety of prestigious offers. The only thing you should do is to pick dates, location, and consider the price.

Truth, it’s higher than for other car groups. But, it doesn’t mean that luxurious cars are unattainable. For instance, you can get yourself a great prestige deal for under $74 per day!


The price can be even lower! It depends on the provider, season, location in the city (airport, train station, city centre etc.), and on the car model as well.

4Myth busted!


Myth #6

1…”Small car hire companies don’t have distinctive networks to provide service to clients”.

Fact: they are expanding in major cities, particularly in Dublin. We all know that such large firms as Europcar, Avis, Budget etc. have a wide network. But, other smaller suppliers are trying to keep up with big fish.

Usually small companies are more flexible and have a fairly attractive price compared to the big ones. On this web-site you can see a map with location of each car hire company:


Even if you prefer renting from small family-type companies, it’s no longer a problem! And, to ease your search you can use special filters and to sort out car hire brand you need.

4Myth busted!


We hope that now you have more information that will help you to make your rental easier, more enjoyable and pleasant. Be attentive and require the best!